Jobs with us


We absolutely love what we do at Mr. Benedict! A lot of love, dedication and determination has gone into making Mr. B what he is today.

We are fortunate to have such an amazing team that all get along tremendously well and more importantly support each other in what we do. From Front of House to Back of House each and every one of our team plays an instrumental role in creating this AWESOME environment.

What we look for in fellow team members:

  • experience (at least 3 years for baristas & suitable qualifications and/or experience for kitchen)
  • passion – love what you do
  • sense of humour – there are certain days when bucket loads are needed
  • honesty – it’s what we are all about here
  • reliability – showing up on time is an awesome start
  • initiative – get up and go!
  • dedication – you will be required to sign your life over to Mr. B!(just kidding…but we love someone who is dedicated to what they do)

Current opportunities at Mr. B’s:

Please pop your resume in to us if you feel you are the perfect fit for our team!